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About the classification and maintenance of electric patrol car sheet metal parts


  The electric patrol car belongs to a special type of vehicle. It is known from a literal point of view. The function of the electric patrol car is to replace the pedestrian patrol. The body design of the electric patrol car sheet metal is small and exquisite, convenient for shuttle to various places, and it is also very fast in driving speed. It is also a new energy electric car encouraged by the state, and it is green and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, patrol cars in some public places (airports, bus stations, railway stations, etc.) are mostly open-top, and many friends have said that all electric patrol cars are like this.

Electric patrol cars generally fall into two categories:

1, according to its body structure is fully enclosed or semi-closed

2, according to the number of seats in the vehicle, generally there are 2, 4, 8, 12, 26 and other categories.

However, some manufacturers in the mall also divided the battery into two categories: lead-acid battery type and lithium battery type electric patrol car.

Pay attention to the following points for daily maintenance:

1, more maintenance. In case of rain, it is not allowed to flood the center of the wheel; when the vehicle is off, the door is closed in time, and the tire is usually full; the electric patrol car is sent to the special maintenance department designated by the manufacturer in time for failure.

2, diligent lubrication. According to the use of the electric patrol car, the front axle, the rear axle, the middle axle, the flywheel, the front fork, the pivoting pivot of the shock absorber should be scrubbed and lubricated every six months to one year (molybdenum disulfide grease is recommended).


3, diligent charging. Lead-acid batteries should be kept in accordance with the habit of charging, and can not wait until the battery is recharged, which will affect the battery life. If it is not used for a long time, charge it once a month. Please use the matching dedicated charger for charging.

4. Prevent exposure. Electric patrol cars are strictly prohibited from exposure to the sun. In an environment with too high temperature, the internal pressure of the battery will increase and the battery will lose water, causing the battery activity to decrease and accelerating the aging of the plates.


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