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How to correctly carry out the painting work of automotive sheet metal parts?



After the vehicle has been scratched or collided, the car is mainly repaired to a special repair shop, because the maintenance personnel there are professionally trained, with professional equipment, tools and the standard size of the body, and will not damage the structure of the vehicle during the repair process. After the vehicle is repaired, check the quality of the repair.

Slight damage: If the vehicle is not scratched or collided, it is only a small depression or the paint surface is damaged. When checking, pay attention to whether the body of the repaired area is flat, whether the paint surface has cracks, shrinkage holes, poor coverage, sanding marks or new The difference between the painted paint surface and the original paint surface is too large.

  Severe collision: In addition to the above inspection of the vehicle body, it is also necessary to check whether the door, engine compartment cover and luggage compartment cover can be freely opened and closed, whether the gaps of the door on both sides are consistent, whether the vehicle is running, steering wheel shake, body shake and Abnormal sounds and other phenomena. If the tire is heavily worn after the vehicle has been running for a period of time, it may be caused by incomplete repair of the vehicle.

  Many car owners have a superficial understanding of automotive sheet metal parts and paintings. They think that it is only necessary to restore the shape of the collision vehicle by mechanical means and spray the paint surface. In fact, in the process of repairing a collision vehicle, the operation process of sheet metal and painting is very complicated, and the maintenance technology and experience requirements for maintenance personnel are also very high. In order to let the owner know about the operation process of sheet metal and painting, the operation procedure of sheet metal and painting operators is taken as an example to briefly introduce the operation process of sheet metal and painting.

Painting operation process (continuing the above sheet metal process)

Scrape the putty. After cleaning and degreasing the sheet metal damaged parts coated with the epoxy primer, the putty is scraped, which is what we often call putty. After the atomic ash is dried, it is polished and the press line is confirmed.

Apply primer to the spray. After the atomic ash is polished, clean and degrease, start spraying the primer, and dry it. When applying the primer in the spray, be careful to cover the parts that do not need to be sprayed.

Priming with a primer. Polish the primer to the same height as the original paint to confirm the flatness.

Paint adjustment. Although the current special service stores are usually equipped with the original paint, because the paint color is different from the original paint after the vehicle is used for a long time, the painter needs manual paint adjustment.

Spray the topcoat. Add the adjusted topcoat to the spray can, adjust the air pressure of the spray gun, the amount of paint and the spray width, and then spray it evenly on the sheet metal part. The process of spraying different finishes is also different.


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