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What are the requirements for the weld of automotive sheet metal parts?


Although the surface of welds, solder joints and repaired steel sheets of automotive sheet metal parts have been polished and cleaned, there are still many invasive and irregular small irregularities that are invisible to the naked eye, which are mixed with numerous oxides, impurities, water vapor, etc. . Although ordinary putty or anti-rust paint has anti-rust function, it can only prevent the intrusion of external appearance and temporarily seal. As long as it is affected by moisture and other harsh environments, defects will soon appear. If an epoxy primer is used, it can effectively protect it.  

Epoxy primer is suitable for application on the panel or lap joint surface after welding, grinding, heating and quenching, etc. It is a good rust inhibitor. Generally, the feather edge of the paint film on the edge of the repairing part (that is, the groove of the paint film) is prepared. After the surface is cleaned, the epoxy primer is applied to ensure that the panel after various treatments is in a long time. It does not rust, and even if it is originally rust, it will prevent the expansion of the rust range.

Metal sheets that have not been directly coated by a special sheet metal seal treatment may be eroded and uneven due to various impurities such as oil, coolant, sewage, etc. at the joints outside the joint surface of the welded or lap joint. The vibration of the road surface is deformed and cracked, and the anti-rust seal line of the interface is broken and the function is lost. Applying a special sheet metal sealant to the joints of the board is an unavoidable process.

Automotive stamping sheet metal sealant is a non-corrosive polyurethane PU structural adhesive that can be filled, covered, bonded and sealed, and sometimes can be used instead of soldering without damaging the patent leather. It has strong adhesive strength, high strength after curing, strong and reliable, can enhance the strength of single-piece and thin-shell body, and can maintain welding or lap joints, especially inside and outside the wheel arch, chassis, trunk, and cockpit. Anti-corrosion function of the bottom plate and engine compartment.


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