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How to distinguish the quality of automotive sheet metal parts?


  To distinguish the quality of sheet metal parts, in general, it can be started from the aspects of packaging, weight, welding process, painting process and the degree of matching when loading. It is very difficult for ordinary car owners to distinguish whether the sheet metal parts are of high quality after delivery. It may be possible to distinguish them from the packaging of the products in advance: the products produced by the general small factories will not print the contact information and the factory address, but the regular manufacturers In addition to contact information and site address, there will be stamps, qualifications and inspection labels on the product. Even if consumers have problems in the future use, they can have a way to protect their rights.



Product weight is one of the inspection standards for measuring the quality of automotive sheet metal parts. In order to ensure the safety of the car, the steel plate used for the automotive sheet metal parts must reach a certain weight. The weight of the original sheet metal parts and the quality deputy factory sheet metal parts should be similar, and if the sheet metal parts you purchased are one-third lighter than the original sheet metal parts, then you will definitely buy them. The meeting will be a small factory product.

As for the welding process, it is also a method to distinguish whether the sheet metal parts are from the big factory. Sheet metal parts produced by regular manufacturers will adopt mechanical cutting and welding operations, and the solder joints or trimming edges are smooth and smooth, and will not leave the rough edges of the rough cutting hands.


  Many car owners think that after the sheet metal parts, they need to spray the same color paint as the original car. Therefore, when the sheet metal parts are purchased, the painting process of the sheet metal parts will be neglected, which is irrelevant, but the idea is incorrect. .

  In order to prevent oxidation and rust, the sheet metal parts need to be processed by painting before leaving the factory. Indeed, in addition to coloring the sheet metal parts, it can also protect and prevent oxidation, but If it is a sheet metal part of a small factory, if the painting process during production is unevenly adsorbed and foamed, it will affect the effect of post-painting, which will cause it to fall off easily, cause rust, influence and damage during use. The quality of sheet metal parts.


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