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If the deformation of the cars ingot beam has an impact on driving?



Yuanbaoliang is an intermediate buffer body in the process of connecting the body to the suspension. By adjusting the soft and rigid stiffness of the Yuanbao beam, it can control the matching relationship between vehicle comfort and maneuverability. The role of Yuanbaoliang can not be underestimated. It can cushion the impact of road vibrations on the body, in a sense, a comfortable configuration.

More importantly, Yuanbaoliang can turn the suspension into assembly parts, improve the versatility of the suspension and reduce the development cost. In addition, the assembly components are easy to install and reduce the assembly cost. Therefore, Yuanbaoliang can improve the comfort and reduce the research and development cost of the vehicle for the vehicle.

  The adjustment level of Yuanbaoliang directly determines whether it is beneficial to the vehicle or not. The setting of the softness of the suspension of the Yuanbaoliang is also faced with an unavoidable contradiction like suspension adjustment. If the design of the Yuanbao beam is soft, it can well isolate the vibration generated when the car is driving, but the soft Yuanbao beam suspension design will cause a large motion deformation during high-speed cornering, which will lead to tire positioning. Inaccurate, which reduces the steering stability of the car; while the harder ingot suspension can provide high connection stiffness, but the isolation of vibration noise is very limited.

  The deformation of Yuanbaoliang will definitely affect the safety performance and be replaced in time. Generally, the structural requirements of Yuanbaoliang are relatively rigid. A rubber pad can be added between the main frame and the Yuanbao beam. When the main frame is deformed, the deformation of the elastic rubber is used to weaken the constraint of the main beam on the main frame. Pay attention to the ingot. When the beam is placed on the chassis of the car, the front end should be as close as possible to the rear of the cab.

The role of the car's ingots is summarized in three main ways:

1. Lifting the fixed function: the car's ingot beam usually has the function of dragging and fixing the engine and the gearbox;

2. Connection protection: The car's ingot beam also has a certain connection protection function. It can connect the car body laterally to increase the strength of the car body, and can also protect the oil pan to a certain extent. The engine and the like are not subject to direct collision.

3. Block vibration and noise: The car's ingot beam can also block the vibration and noise of the car to a certain extent, so that it does not directly enter the car. Most luxury cars and off-road vehicles are equipped, and some car engines are also equipped with Yuanbaoliang.


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