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What is the impact of the cars ingots on the car?


Generally, the structural requirements of the car's ingots are relatively rigid. A rubber pad can be added between the main frame and the ingot beam. When the main frame is deformed, the deformation of the elastic rubber is used to weaken the constraint of the main beam on the main frame. When the car's ingots are placed on the chassis of the car, the front end should be as close as possible to the rear of the cab.

Design of the car ingot beam

Sometimes in the design of a special car, the car is usually used for the transition. This is to improve the bearing condition of the main frame, avoid concentrated load, and also to increase the structure of the main frame, while increasing the ingot beam, in order to avoid the stress on the main frame due to the sharp change of the stiffness of the ingot beam. Concentration, so there are certain requirements for the shape, installation position and connection mode of the main beam.

Under the premise of ensuring reliable use, in order to improve the flexibility and reduce the rigidity of the ingot beam, the beam of the ingot beam should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the torsion constraint on the longitudinal beam. The support beam of the ingot beam cylinder and the inverted shaft beam form a frame, the cylinder The supporting beam should be as close as possible to the beam at the front support of the rear suspension, preferably within the rear frame. Because the deformation of the main frame is small, the torsion binding force of the ingot beam is correspondingly weakened, and the lifting mechanism is ensured. Geometric characteristics.

For most cars, most of the time, it is a front-wheel drive. 1. The front axle of the front-drive vehicle mainly drives the engine power through the clutch gearbox to reduce the speed, and then passes the front axle assembly to the final output wheel of the power. 2. At the same time, the front axle should also play a role in steering. 3. In addition, the pre-drive bridge also needs to bear the weight of the whole vehicle, that is, the link between the body and the front suspension is linked to the front axle assembly through the linkage of the linkage, which plays a supporting role. Therefore, if the Yuanbaoliang (front axle) is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, otherwise there will be great safety hazards.

The damage of the car's ingot beam will definitely affect the car. I hope everyone pays more attention. The deformation of Yuanbaoliang definitely affects the positioning data of the car, which will cause the abortion to be partial. If the deformation is not serious, do a positioning to see if you can adjust it. If you adjust it, just change it. Replacing the Yuanbao beam is definitely to remove some parts of the chassis, such as the balance bar, the lower arm, and the steering wheel, or the ball head of some tie rods.


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