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Research progress and related information of automobile Yuanbaoliang


Research progress on automobile ingot beam

A frame armor beam assembly, comprising a Yuanbao beam and a connecting bracket, the connecting bracket has a top surface and a side surface, the top surface of the connecting bracket is connected below the support point of the automobile ingot beam, and the side of the connecting bracket is connected to the frame longitudinal beam The inside of the flank. The connecting bracket is arranged on the side airfoil of the longitudinal beam of the frame, avoiding the upper airfoil of the frame longitudinal beam with the greatest stress, thereby avoiding the problem of cracking of the riveting hole caused by stress concentration, and greatly improving the safety of the vehicle.

Articulated car Yuanbaoliang

An articulated automobile ingot beam, comprising a car ingot beam body, the car ingot beam body is composed of a C-shaped support frame, a connecting bracket and a connecting hinge shaft, and a connecting bracket is hinged at each end of the C-shaped support frame through two connecting hinge shafts . The utility model relates to an articulated ingot beam, wherein the integral structure of the ingot beam is changed into a C-shaped support frame and a connecting bracket through a structure connecting the hinge shaft, and the connecting bracket and the C-shaped support frame are movable structures during use, and the connecting hinge is connected The movement of the shaft reduces the force on the hinge and reduces the wear; during the use, even if the joint is worn, the cost of replacing the parts can be reduced by replacing the joint hinge shaft, thereby reducing the use cost and improving the material utilization. rate.

Dump truck car Yuanbaoliang

Heavy-duty dump trucks provide economical, efficient, and low-cost transportation equipment for earthmoving and various open-pit ore mining and ore transportation. Therefore, heavy-duty dump trucks should have sufficient strength and rigidity to make the front leaf spring The bracket connection is more secure and reliable, and bears the various reaction forces of the combination of bending and twisting from the wheel. Yuanbaoliang should be easy to install in structure. Due to the large size and quality of Yuanbao beam, the cost of mold input is high, and it has certain difficulty in manufacturing. Therefore, it should be as easy to manufacture and manufacture as possible under the premise that the structural type meets the requirements of use. Commonly used ingots are divided into integral stamping and tailor-welding. The tailor-welded molds have less investment and flexible changes, and are often used in special vehicles under special circumstances. The design of auto parts is widely used computer visualization technology and parametric 3D model. The finite element analysis software is used to carry out the full load static analysis and stress strain calculation, which improves the structural design level of the ingot beam and reduces the actual test cost and time. Improve design efficiency.

Analysis of Causes of Stamping Cracking of Steel for 600 MPa Grade Yuanbao Beam

1) The chemical composition, mechanical properties and cold bending properties of the steel used for 600 MPa grade Baoliang beam meet the standard requirements. The metallographic structure is a mixed structure of quasi-polygonal ferrite and a small amount of pearlite. There is no band structure.

2) The fracture morphology of the 600 MPa elemental Baoliang beam cracker shows an obvious fishbone morphology, the center of the steel plate is layered, and the two sides are distributed along the center layer and are extended in the same direction, triangular shaped stepped fractures, different The fractures of the topography are all ductile fractures. The material does not have a necking process before the fracture, and the stamping cracking is caused by improper stamping process.

3) The finite element analysis of the stamping process of the two working conditions was carried out by using ABAQUS software. The results show that the stress concentration of the edge is more serious than that of the first blanking and re-stamping process, and the edge joint stress exceeds the material. Tensile strength thus causes tearing to occur.

4) After the mold is optimized, the stamping cracking rate of Yuanbao beam is reduced from 50% to 0, and the material of the edge is evenly deformed. No necking and cracking problems are seen.


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